99 bottles countdown



I am a beginner trying to write a Ruby program that mimics the song

  • ‘99 bottles of beer on the wall’. I want the program to ask ‘how
    many bottles…’ on the wall, subract 1 from that number, and then ask
    the question again until it gets down to 1 bottle of beer on the wall.
    So far can only get the program to subtract the number once and then
    the program stops. Any hints, suggestions, or reccomendations to a
    page/chapter in the ‘Programming Ruby 1.8’ book would be greatly
    appreciated. Here is the Ruby code I put together so far:

    question = ‘how many bottles of beer on the wall?’
    puts question
    x = gets.chomp
    y = x .to_i - ‘1’ .to_i
    response = y .to_s + ’ bottles of beer on the wall’

    if y != 1
    puts response
    puts question

    Thanks for your time,



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Thanks for your time,


I should have searched for similar projects in the group discussions-
found my answer… kind of. Sorry to bother you guys.