802.11 wireless channel emulation


I am Rohit, working as a grad student at Dept of EE, University of
Washington. We are working on the study of interference in Enterprise
HD WLAN testbed. We are working on a HD Enterprise WLAN testbed and
wanted to conduct some controlled “WLAN type” interference expriments to
study the optimal PHY rate and fragment size in HD scenarios.

We are interested in studying the effect of
802.11 type interference on the link characteristics and finding out the
optimum PHY layer rate and packet size for different interference
environments. We are planning to conduct this study in the already
testbed in 4 research labs of Sieg Hall on multi radio platform provided
from Intel. However, it would be great if we could do a similar study
using WLAN channel emulator by generating 802.11 type interference in
the more controlled envioronment.

We have recently got some GNU Radio boards for ourselves
from Intel Research, Seattle and we would like to set up a similar
emulation testbed here at UW. Is there anyone interested in working on
wireless PHY channel emulation on GNURadio??? Pls email me directly if
anyone is interested.