64 bit windows installer -> 32 bit jruby?

Hello all.
Just wanted to ask if this was expected.

I downloaded and ran: jruby_windows_x64_1_6_1.exe

and jruby -v appears to be:

jruby 1.6.1 (ruby-1.8.7-p330) (2011-04-12 85838f6) (Java HotSpot™
Client VM 1.6.0_24) [Windows 7-x86-java]

(note the lack of 64). Perhaps the 64 bit just refers to the installer?

Interestingly, I think the cause is that I am running jruby from within
“console 2” (which is 32 bit). My guess is that this causes 64-bit java
to be inaccessible somehow, or something like that. I can see the
64-bit java if I run the jirb.bat directly from explorer, for example.