6 month contract in Seattle, WA for an Ruby on Rails consultant

I have a 6 month contract in Seattle, WA for an Ruby on Rails
consultant. The requirement is as follows from the project manager.

I’m looking for a developer that has experience with the tools/
languages listed below. I need someone that can work quickly and with
little “hand holding”. I already have a few projects in mind that we
are storyboarding as we speak. I want a basic framework for these
websites up and running within a few weeks of the dev starting, and
then refine it over the next few months. In particular, I need someone
who has experience in the following (most important listed first):

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl
  • Bash (shell) scripting
  • Small footprint database (MySQL preferred)
  • Apache
  • Java
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Linux (Red Hat)

The more major of the 2 projects I have is to build a code deployment
website (frontend and backend) that will interface to our release
process here. The release process consists of a Perl script, so
knowledge in Perl is required. The website will be built pretty much
from scratch, so I need someone that has experience coding in Ruby on
Rails and talking to a MySQL database. On top of that, experience with
Perl is also a requirement.

Nathan Subramanian
Account Manager
Cambridge Technology Enterprises, 2345 Murray Avenue, 3rd Floor,
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
[email protected]