504 Gateway Time-out

I have a php script which takes too long to be executed (a form for
uploading large files). Upong running this I get “504 Gateway Time-out”
error. Since I do not want to update php.ini for the whole server, I put
set_time_limit(0); at the top of my php script; but still I get the same
time-out error. What is the problem? I’m on Nginx 1.0.4.

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Search the manual for the following directives:

http {

client_header_timeout 10m;
client_body_timeout 10m;
send_timeout 10m;

fastcgi_read_timeout 600;
fastcgi_send_timeout 600;


Then experiment and specify values that are appropriate for your server
or virtual host.


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Thanks locojohn! It perfectly worked :slight_smile:

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