503 error and (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect

I’m trying to troubleshoot a 503 error I’m getting, my mongrels are
started, mongrel.8000.log says im good to go, yet I get a 503 error
trying to access it. Did a ps aux, here’s the result of that http://
pastie.caboo.se/119145, any ideas what i could be doing wrong here?
My error log gives me : (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt
to connect to my.ip:8000

It’s weird, I’d been running this mongrel cluster for a few weeks now
no problem, my problems started when I issued a cluster::restart,
prior to that i had been doing cluster::stop and then cluster::start

Any ideas?

thanks for any help

Hey Sam,

Are you sure that mongrel is running on and not localhost ( I ask b/c you mention my.ip:8000 which i am assuming is not

  • Michael

Not sure what the problem was but here’s what I did to fix it.
Upgraded mongrel to 1.1.1, and that gave me no method errors, so I
downgraded to 0.8.11 restarted and that did the trick.
also prior to downgrading my mongrels were listening on tcp6 instead
of tcp4 for some reason, why that was i dont know

I mention my.ip because i did have my mongrels running on my specific
ip as opposed to localhost but have since switched it back to localhost