500 error in production environment which I don't get in development env

Hi: I get a strange 500 error in production environment which I don’t
get in development env:
“We’re sorry but something went wrong” message. Production log is
empty. Write permissions seem to be correct. What gets logged in
that problem get tracked down? Is there a quick possibilty to enable
logging in production env?


I solved a part of that problem on my own! By starting Webrick i got
the error details right on the console. What was going wrong?
“undefined method” method occured. A table column could not be found
on a model. Even after running migrations.
The problem was that RAILS_ENV for some unknown reason was set to
development mode. According to that the last migration ran in
development environment. I changed it back with
RAILS_ENV=“production”, ran migrations and everything was fine again.

Pending question is why my production log is not getting filled on
such errors?! File owner is same as environment.rb and permissions are
ok to write. (I’m running under passenger)


Yes Jens, you can enable logging in production:
in your environments/production.rb file enable log level to :debug, as
config.log_level = :debug //uncomment this line