4.0.2 Released

This release fixes all the bugs that were reported since the release
of RedCloth 4.0.1. It includes a workaround for a Rails 2.1 problem
with unpacked gems, proper typographic characters for feet and inches,
and improvements to superscript, subscript, and link alias handling
that are more in line with Textile 2.


  • Fixed link references/aliases not being recognized when they include
    hyphens. #36

  • Dimensions in feet and inches use correct typographic characters. #25

  • Limit overzealous superscript and subscript. Sup/sub phrases must
    be surrounded by spaces or square brackets, as in Textile 2. #35

  • Fixed HTML before tables causing the opening table tag to be emitted
    twice. #33

  • Cleaned up unused code that was causing a warning. #28

  • Workaround for Rails 2.1 bug that loads a previous version of
    RedCloth before loading the unpacked gem. Has since been fixed in
    edge rails. #30

  • Added a RedCloth::VERSION.to_s and .== methods so you can puts and
    compare RedCloth::VERSION just like in previous RedCloth releases. #26

  • Fixed HTML block ending tags terminating blocks prematurely. #22

Congrats, the git master seems to still say 4.0.1 in the version.rb
(Updated it in the pull request I sent you for Latex images)