3D graphing Libraries

Unfortunately a number of our clients need extensive reporting
capabilities. There are a number of Java 3d graphing libraries like the
link below and PHP offerings out there.


.Net has its new report viewer control for ASP.net 2.0 which allows you
to create 2d/3d reports containing pie charts, line graphs etc. Whats
cool about this control is the graphs have hyperlinks so the sections on
the pie chart can be clicked and drilled down on. Microsoft say this
control is browser independent but how can this be when it uses active x
technology for printing etc!


Anyway, i need a similar tool for development with ruby on rails. I
have had a look at geoffrey grosenbach’s gruff graphs this is the sort
of thing i need but 3D and more interactive with the drill down effects.

Is there anything like that out there for Ruby on Rails?

How hard would it be to develop a 3d graphing library as i have some
spare time coming up but am new the open source community and RoR and
don’t know where to start on something like this?

Would be possible to get someone like Geoffrey Grosenbachs Gruff Graphs
and extend it with the capabilities i need?

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