304 Caching

I checked in a change last night
(http://dev.radiantcms.org/radiant/changeset/348) to make cached
responses send out a ‘Last-Modified’ header and send back a 304 if the
‘If-Modified-Since’ header is set on the request. I wasn’t expecting it
to really achieve much saving on pages with just 5 minute expiry, but
I’m serving my stylesheet through radiant (as I’m guessing most of you
are), and the extra bit of speed I’m getting on not having that
stylesheet go over the wire is making my site seem significantly

One thing that I’ve had to do as part of that is that the
ResponseCache#update_response method now expects a third parameter - the
request. Currently this method is not requiring the request - it’ll
continue happily without it - but that’s only because I didn’t want to
break anybody’s extensions without warning. Are people using the
ResponseCache#update_response method from their extensions? I’d like to
make the method require the request so that there’s less confusion in
the code.

(Oh, I’m talking about the mental branch here)


Good stuff, Daniel. It seems like such a minuscule change, but since
Radiant can’t use page caching, everything has to go through
ActionPack. Any way we can make that path shorter without sacrificing
functionality is a good thing.