2nd IEEE Signal Intelligence Challenge

Hi all,

on behalf of the IEEE Student Branch Karlsruhe [0], I’m happy to
announce the 2nd IEEE Signal Intelligence Challenge (ISIC) which is
organized in cooperation with the Secure Mobile Networking Lab (Seemoo)
at the TU Darmstadt [1]!

Like last year, it’s all about finding, decoding and decrypting unknown
signals. You’re into Software Defined Radio, communications engineering
and/or cryptology? Then this is your opportunity to team up in groups of
two to four participants and win a Ettus USRP B210 or other great

If you’re interested but don’t know who to form a team with - no
problem! There will be a kickoff meeting in Karlsruhe on April 28.

All further information is available here [2]. As we expect that most
participants will be located in Karlsruhe or Darmstadt, the page is in
German, but don’t hesitate to contact us in English if you have any


[0] http://www-ieee.etec.uni-karlsruhe.de/
[1] Secure Mobile Networking Lab – Secure Mobile Networking Lab
[2] http://www-ieee.etec.uni-karlsruhe.de/?page_id=147