2014 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition -Entries to be judged by Matz

Dear Ruby Enthusiasts,

The Government of Fukuoka, Japan together with “Matz” Matsumoto would
like to invite you to enter the following Ruby competition.

If you have developed an interesting Ruby program, please be encouraged

2014 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition

  • Grand Prize - 1 Million Yen!

Entry Deadline: November 29, 2013

Matz and a group of panelists will select the winners of the Fukuoka
The grand prize for the Fukuoka Competition is 1 million yen.

Past grand prize winners include Rhomobile (USA) and APEC Climate Center


Programs entered in the competition do not have to be written entirely
but should take advantage of the unique characteristics of Ruby.

Projects must have been developed or completed within the past 12 months
be eligible.

Please visit the following Fukuoka website for additional details or to


Please email the application form to [email protected]

This year, we have the following special prizes:

The winner of the Engine Y. Prize will receive:

  • Credit for 5,000 hours of Engine Y. Cloud
  • A pair of tickets to RubyKaigi (incl. 50,000 yen per person for
  • Engine Y. novelty goods set

The winner of the paperboy&co. Prize will receive:

  • Free pair tickets to Shimane (Ruby City Matsue) for 3days
    (transportation expenses up to 50,000 yen per person)
  • Free gTLD (com, net, org, info, biz) for 10 years

In addition, there will also be a salesforce.com prize.
Details will be announced on the Website soon.

“Matz will be testing and reviewing your source code thoroughly,
so it’s very meaningful to apply!
The competition is free to enter.”