2.6 to 4.1.1 migration hell


So, I’m looking to migrate a typo 2.6 installation to 4.1.1. Fate is
clearly punishing me for my laziness in not upgrading before.

In order to avoid hosing my production typo install I’ve taken a copy
(via cp -dpR) of the existing typo install, and done a dump/restore
from the production DB into a test DB.

RAILS_ENV is set to test; running typo install /home/rodgerd/typo-4.1.1

churns for a while and then:

Migrating Typo’s database to newest release
rake aborted!
Multiple migrations have the version number 1

(See full trace by running task with --trace)
`migrate’: Migration failed (RailsInstaller::InstallFailed)

So, thinks I, I’ll whack this with a bigger hammer, knowing full well
it’s probably a remarkably bad idea:

rake migrate VERSION=2 --trace

** Execute db:migrate
DEPRECATION WARNING: The inferred foreign_key name will change in Rails
2.0 to use the association name instead of its class name when they
differ. When using :class_name in belongs_to, use the :foreign_key
option to explicitly set the key name to avoid problems in the
transition. See http://www.rubyonrails.org/deprecation for details.
(called from ./db/migrate//039_serialize_blog_attributes.rb:4)
rake aborted!
Multiple migrations have the version number 9

So, is this:

1/ A problem between chair and keyboard or
2/ A problem with the migrate scripts?

And is the best solution likely to be:

1/ Wait for a rails guru to fix the migrate scripts,
2/ Spend a few days learning how to fix the migrate scripts, or
3/ Uninstall 4.1.1, install 4.0, migrate 2.6 -> 4.0 and thence to 4.1?

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