2.3 Release notes

Hi all, I just wanted to comment on “5.8 Improved Caching Performance”
in the Rails 2.3 release notes (http://guides.rubyonrails.org/

In my first read through of the notes, I had absolutely no idea what
this was talking about. In seeing: “Rails now keeps a per-request
local cache of requests, cutting down on unnecessary reads and leading
to better site performance.” my response was "doesn’t Rails’ query
caching already do that?

After looking around I stumbled on
which is a blog post by the person referenced below the 5.8 section,
so I now know that originally he wrote a buffer for memcache reads,
preventing multiple hits to the memcache server. So I’d think adding
some comments to this regarding its specificity to either Memcache or
Rails.cache hits would be extremely clarifying.

Idea for rewording:
Rails.cache now keeps a per-request local buffer of reads from the
remote cache stores, cutting down on unnecessary reads to the
underlying cache store and leading to better site performance. While
this work was originally limited to MemCacheStore, it is available to
any remote store than implements the required methods.