16Mhz bandwidth when using 8bit sample?

Hi, all,

I’ve just found that the USRP can be configure to 8bit sample by the
following code.
width = 8
shift = 8
format = self.u.make_format(width, shift)
print “format =”, hex(format)
r = self.u.set_format(format)
And it is already in the usrp_fft.py and usrp_oscope.py.

So I guess that USRP may sample high up to 16Mhz bandwidth when using
sample. Because 8 bit can save the bandwidth of USB interface. That is
32Mbytes/s / 2bytes/sample = 16samples/s.

But when I execute the follwing code, I get no spectrum or waveform in
$ ./usrp_fft.py -8 -d 4
$ ./usrp_oscope.py -8 -d 4

If I don’t use the “-8” parameter, only “-d 4”, spectrum or waveform
out, also, a lot of “u0”.

Why? hehe:)