10% off for groups of 5+ at The Compleat Rubyist

Hi all –

We’re offering a 10% discount to groups of 5 or more signing up for
The Compleat Rubyist. Use the code TCR5PLUS when signing up.

“The what?” you ask.

The Compleat Rubyist is a two-day Ruby training event in Tampa, FL,
January 22-23. Your instructors will be:

  • David A. Black
  • Gregory B.
  • Jeremy McAnally

and we’ll be guiding you into four major areas of Ruby practice and

For more info, see http://compleatrubyist.com, or contact one of us


The Ruby training with D. Black, G. Brown, J.McAnally
Compleat Jan 22-23, 2010, Tampa, FL
Rubyist http://www.thecompleatrubyist.com

David A. Black/Ruby Power and Light, LLC (http://www.rubypal.com)