1.9.3 vs 1.8.7


first of all what my version is 1.9.3p327.
What does p327 signifies and how to chose a good ruby interpreter for

The main question:
I have written a test framework using DRb, watir-webdriver, fasterCSV,
and facter. I was using 1.8.7., I shifted to 1.9.3 due to some problem
with threading.

Now, what are the things I need to modify my code to run it? as I have
completely handled all exceptions so, I am not sure that any bug will be
reflected directly, so a basic idea of changes need to be done will be

What are the benefits/drawbacks of 1.9.3 over 1.8.7? How to increase the
performance ? i mean what are the things I need to remember to give it
the best performance.

Hello Ajay ~

1.9.x is faster than 1.8.x and can compete with the speed of other
interpreted languages. 1.9 uses the yarv byte code interpreter. 1.8 is
still in use but end of life will be inevitable at some point in the
future. Ruby 2.0 will be backward compatible with 1.9.3 forward.


“p327” refers to the patchlevel. It’s basically just like a
sub-version of the 1.9.3 release, the most recent one is generally the
one you want to be using. Patchlevels are mainly bug fixes rather than
new features.