1.9.3 random seg faults with rspec

I’ve been fighting this for the last 12 hours. I have ruby 1.9.3 built
using rvm on Ubuntu 10.04.3. For some reason whenever I run rspec it
crashes with a segmentation fault 50% of the time. I can literally run
guard or rspec in the same way over and over and sometimes it crashes
and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve tried rebuilding rvm and ruby in countless different ways with no
success. This error seems to point to yard, but, if I remove yard out
of the picture hten it just seg faults on something else.

Seg fault and trace attached

I just built 1.9.2 and this appears to not be an issue there. Not sure
what that means…

I’ve had similarly nasty crashes running “gem push” under 1.9.3 on rvm
(Mac OSX 10.6.8), every time. I have to go back to system ruby for
that command.

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 5:41 PM, Jesse Angell