1.2RC1 and broken routes?

Hello all. I’m experimenting with 1.2RC1.

Alas, Rails and Engines appears to conspire to break routes?

rails project
cd project
script/plugin install engines

which results in :
Expected /Users/jodi/Documents/dev/test_project_2/vendor/rails/
railties/builtin/rails_info/rails/info_controller.rb to define
dependencies.rb:246:in load_missing_constant' ./script/../config/../vendor/rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/ dependencies.rb:446:inconst_missing’

when resolving a route (in this case the InfoController)

I noticed that a 1.2 branch is underway. Should I use this instead?


There’s some serious hardcore refactoring underfoot - my advice, for
the moment, would be to avoid using 1.2 release candidates if you
cannot survive without a functioning engines plugin. Hopefully by the
weekend I’ll have something fairly stable to introduce as an ‘engines
1.2 release candidate’ :slight_smile:

That said, please do investigate why this bug is happening, and submit
a ticket with as much detail as you can muster - it all helps!

  • james

On 23-Nov-06, at 4:45 PM, James A. wrote:

which results in :
I noticed that a 1.2 branch is underway. Should I use this instead?


Thanx James.

After posting, I read (rtfm) your README note on edge rails. This
environment setting seemed to do the trick.

I’m having other problems with RC1 that are holding up more complete

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