1.2 engine example


Greetings -

I’m now migrating my <1.1.6 engines to 1.2 plugins that use the
engine plugins, since of course now I’m building apps in rails 1.2.
Since many were created at different times, using various versions of
both rails and engines, I’m running into a few snags, mainly in the
testing and fixtures area. Rather than ask many different tiny
questions, I was hoping to gather some knowledge and answers by
example. Can someone point me to a plugin using the 1.2 release of
engines? Hopefully one with a full compliment of models, views,
layouts, assets, tests, fixtures etc.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Henry,

It might be best if you describe some of the specific problems that
you’re having, with error messages and so on - that way you might end
up with one of the very first plugins supporting the “full complement”

  • James