Forum: Ruby on Rails how to use a google maps url into YM4R?

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997433f165140d58f52b8c0d1d005dc1?d=identicon&s=25 Patrick Aljord (Guest)
on 2007-02-28 23:38
(Received via mailing list)
hey all,
I have a google maps url posted by the user such as:

is there a way to get all the paramaters (such as the q, the latlngt
and whatever is needed) of that url and use them into the ym4r

thanx in advance

Cba8c8adc11ee1152eb6f15ab7071511?d=identicon&s=25 werdnativ (Guest)
on 2007-03-01 20:31
(Received via mailing list)
Hi Patrick, how about:

google_query = URI::parse( params[:query_string] ).query
google_params = CGI::parse(google_query)

This will give you a Hash of all the URI parameters, including the
search string 'q', and 'll' which is  your lat-long array.

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