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5f48f59ab9791caf39321cf773a3ac75?d=identicon&s=25 Frederick Salardi (fryderyk)
on 2007-02-26 22:04
Hi all,

I am going to overrive the Gtk::DrawingArea in such a way that it can
support a nice looking draggable graph with possibility to add by
clicking new edges and vertices. By egdes i mean a moveable and
extendible edges ,also those vertices have to be moveable by the user

I have some problems as i am new to ruby. I take part in the which is a non profit

I would like someone skilled enought to tell me some hints regarding the
way to implement it .

I began with the samle ~/ruby/ruby-gnome2/samples/gtk/misc/drag-move as
well as the solution of draggable labels that i found in one of th

My main question is if the DrawingArea is the right widget to extend. Or
I should extend some other widget like EventBox , Image etc.

All ideas and hints are wellcome. Btw if any of u would like to help my
team (4 students new to ruby ;) ... u're welcome
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