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Fddbb3cd16868f4741c2e86ef015a639?d=identicon&s=25 Sergio T. Ruiz (sergio101)
on 2007-02-19 19:45
i am not sure if this is something new, or something i have not noticed
before, but here's the scoop..

i use textmate for development, and sometimes, i forget, and leave some
of the textmate text in my file..

for example, i will leave "macc" after the last column insert.. just
because i forget to remove it..

when i run a migration, it chokes on the nonsensical text..

at that point, i go in, fix the file, and re run my migration again, the
tables and columns already exist..

at this point, i have to fiddle around to be able to rerun the

i seem to remember that previously, when i ran a migration and it died,
none of the items in the migration would run.. and i could just fix, and

am i missing something in the new rails?

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