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8458ed8e78b2660f8b839f052e20f65f?d=identicon&s=25 Nicolas Blanco (slainer68)
on 2007-01-31 17:56
Hi everybody.

I don't use Windows. But many of my friends use it. Last time I wanted
to present Rails to a friend on his computer I noticed that it was long
and quite complicated to setup an environment. I didn't want to use
InstantRails because I didn't want Apache&MySQL.

I just wanted to show him Rails on RadRails which I think is one of the
best Rails dev studio on Windows.

I took a long time installing Ruby from the Windows installer, install
Rails, wait for Rails & Mongrel to download and generate doc, install
RadRails, configure it, etc...

This day I decided to create a All-in-1 Windows installer that do all
the work for you.

My first version of this installer is here :

I tested it on a "clean" computer and it works like magic :). Just 3
mouse clicks and you have a full Ruby and Rails environment with
RadRails that works "out of the box" without any configuration.

Don't hesitate to give this package to all your Windows dev friends that
want to discover Rails ;) !

To do :
- a good-looking website.
- be able to change the installation directory (currently installs on
- java detection in the installer and warning message if a jre isn't

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