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on 2007-01-19 16:52
(Received via mailing list)
Announcing the release of rb-appscript 0.3.0, a high-level,
user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable
Mac OS X applications using ordinary Ruby scripts:

Rb-appscript 0.3.0 contains several API changes, along with a number of
important bug fixes and internal improvements, and is a recommended
update for all users.

Also of interest to rb-appscript users is the osadict tool bundled with
py-appscript 0.17.0. This handy little command line program provides a
powerful interactive dictionary browser and HTML exporter with support
for rb-appscript-style terminology. The latest py-appscript installer
can be downloaded from:

Last but not least: I'm looking one or more volunteers to help perform
a code review as the final step before the official beta release. (This
is mainly to check my Ruby and C idioms and code are sensible and
correct, btw; Apple event programming experience isn't required.)
Please drop me a note if you're interested in helping out - it will be
greatly appreciated.


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