Forum: Ruby on Rails How to modify the query ruby/mysql driver sends?

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D51a24ae1017f53158d70b621494255d?d=identicon&s=25 Bontina Chen (abon)
on 2007-01-17 02:42
I found that the driver is sending something unrecognizable to my
current version of MySQL.

"SELECT * FROM lists WHERE (lists.`user_id` = 1 )  LIMIT 1"
should be
"SELECT * FROM lists WHERE (lists.user_id = 1 )  LIMIT 1"

I'm using

    *  [Instant Rails Manager] 1.4

    * [Ruby 1.8.5 (from the [HTTP://
One-Click Ruby Installer] 1.8.5-21)

    * [Ruby on Rails] 1.1.6

    * [Apache] 1.3.33

    * [MySQL] 4.1.9

    * [MySQL/Ruby] 2.7 (native driver)

    * [Mongrel]

    * [phpMyAdmin] 2.6.1

Anyone knows where and how can I modify the syntax?

Thanks for reading this.
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