Forum: Ruby on Rails Random Model Errors

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D9d1b31a337f46ac5e4dd56b55404f58?d=identicon&s=25 Dylan Markow (dmarkow)
on 2007-01-08 20:48
I am running my project in production mode. About 9 times out of 10, my
pages load fine. However, the other 10%, I get application errors as

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `experts' for
#<Project:0xb5adeadc>) on line #236 of

My Project model specifies "has_many :experts", and as I mentioned, it
works most of the time. What would cause these random errors?

My setup is Apache 2.2.3 + mongrel_rails + MySql 5.0 + Edge Rails.

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