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on 2006-12-31 00:36
(Received via mailing list)
Hello I've decided to take on learning on rails and came up with a
simple project that I can add onto as I learn so that the project and I
can grow together. Before I got into it though I wanted to make sure
that the features I want in the end product will be doable with rails.

The system is basically a news or article managment system and I will
start off with the simple stuff and would like to add the following

Admin and Author CP
Truncated article overviews
Auto monthly archive that also will put all the articles for that month
in a downloadable pdf
Post by email feature for authors
Template modification from Admin Interface with built in back up and
restore functions
Site map generator for Google
Spam control for comments
Views to display the most read and most commented and so on to be
displayed on the front page.

I have others but know that they can be done in rails but these I
wanted to check on so I figured this is the best place to ask.

Please keep in mind that since I am learning I will start small and
work through the list but I wanted a project that I could learn a lot
from while still keeping towards the same goal.

Any input is welcome and I sure that I will be back with more

p.s. I tried searching for the answers but it was way to hard to try
and weed through the results and find the answers I wanted.
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