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F4fd473849b71ac9144c11833e551579?d=identicon&s=25 Prashant J. (prashant)
on 2006-12-29 05:29
i want to validate the tesxt in a text box in the format(order) of

i have wrriten the validation format as
validates_format_of :busage ,
                             :with => /\d,(\w+ \s)\,(\d\d:\d\d:\d\d)/ ,
           :message=>"error of dir"

but its still giving error
as its validating date and quantity
but its taking character(\w+) instead of a string  (description)
pls help me out
as whn i put a string in place of description it displays the error

pls help out
jdswift (Guest)
on 2006-12-29 09:01
(Received via mailing list)
I think you want:


That will validate for:
15,Some product description,12:10:06

On Dec 29, 2:29 pm, Prashant Jadhav <>
Eebdb4f45c0055dcb214b8cd9b9d34fb?d=identicon&s=25 Mark N. (mnoten)
on 2006-12-29 10:03
Hi Jadhav,

You better use this pattern:


It will correctly validate the string:

15,Some product description,12:10:06

For validation purposes you don't have to define any capturing groups.
If you want to extract the quantity, description and time then use the


Best regards,

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