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31e038e4e9330f6c75ccfd1fca8010ee?d=identicon&s=25 Gregory Brown (Guest)
on 2006-12-25 22:56
(Received via mailing list)
Ruby Reports 0.7.0 : The St. Nick Edition

Ruport now has a brand new formatting system, some massive cleanup in
the internals, and merry chunky bacon for all!

== What is Ruby Reports? ==

Ruport is a framework specialized for business reporting. It provides
a custom toolkit that has features such as database interaction, data
manipulation, extensible formatting, and flexible report generation.

Ruby Reports makes reporting less painful by providing a simple and
consistent way of developing your applications. This lets you focus on
your task without undue friction.

== Installation ==

sudo gem install ruport -y

Detailed instructions here:

== New To Ruport? ==

Please see our not-yet-complete getting started guide:

== Resources ==

Links to our mailing list, developer wiki, some basic examples, and
other resources can be found on our project homepage:

== Changelog ==

changes since 0.6.1

- The formatting system has been replaced with a new approach which is
  more flexible and simple.  Many of the plugins have gained some new

- All of the legacy formatting tools in format.rb have been removed.
  (Namely, Text Filters)

- rope is now implemented via Ruport::Generator, which can be customized
  build your own code generation tools for Ruport.

- Several simplifications have been made to the Report DSL.  (Now has
  erb/textile methods and other feature enhancements)

- Constructor for Data::Table added to Kernel for convenience.  [
Table() ]

- Invoice engine removed.  Will be re-released as an extension soon.
  See the Ruport mailing list for a temporary solution

== Project News ==

We've put together a project roadmap which we'll update as things

This is helpful if you want to see the 'big picture' of where Ruport is

== Acknowledgments ==

Thank you to Stefan Mahlitz and llasram for the patches!


That's all folks.  any questions or comments, feel free to use the
Ruport mailing list!
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