Forum: Ruby on Rails Radrails warning about identical code structure can't removed

23ca99f8535dbef14f1a4a2250fba014?d=identicon&s=25 Dan Zheng (cmaj135)
on 2011-01-16 16:59
Here, RadRails is displaying a series of warnings telling me I have
identical code structure. Since this is RSpec code, it is very likely to
have identical structure,so i don't know how to do with it?any
suggestions or workarounds will be appreciated
F937829f4b483cb9e8f93394a4709cc1?d=identicon&s=25 Gabriel Yarra (gyarra)
on 2011-02-20 04:40
Hi Dan,

This can be fixed in the Aptana preferences.  It's a little confusing
because the warning is enabled/disabled in it's own preference pane
nested *under* the Errors/Warnings pane rather than simply in the
Errors/Warnings pane.

To navigate to the Duplicate Code pane: Ruby->Errors/Warnings->Duplicate
Code.  Or just search for Duplicate Code in the Preferences.

This seems like a useful feature once the kinks have been worked out,
but I found it pretty annoying as well.

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