Forum: Rails Engines fixtures not loading?

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F248608c205b3f55c96a1670b1128f11?d=identicon&s=25 Steve R. (cwd)
on 2006-11-02 02:00
My tests were all passing beautifully and then ... they weren't. Yes,
something changed: I pared tables relevant to this app out of a larger
application database. Now, however, when my fixtures (note plural)
method call occurs in test_helper.rb, it goes immediately to the
engines/lib/engines/testing_extensions.rb and fails at line 285,
claiming a nil object (nil.[]).

Stepping through this in rdebug shows this:

p file_names

[:users, :roles, :roles_users, :permissions, :permissions_roles]

So I know the fixture candidates are ok. But they are never loaded into
the test database and are not accessible via the accessor(:sym) method.

So, the following code always fails:

    bogus_record = members(:existing_user_2)

as does

    bogus_record = Member.find(:first)

Any thoughts?

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