Forum: process_mails and determining forums

Aee25aaf8b8c89c304ff1beccffa7a9f?d=identicon&s=25 Andrew (Guest)
on 2006-09-05 20:33

I am trying to input emails into my forums using script/process_mails.
The mailbox file that I am trying to read from was one that was
re-created from external data sources. It lacks some header information
but I would still like to use this data with rforum. My issue is that
when I run process_mails I get the error:

(unknown error): #<RuntimeError: mail for unknown forum recieved (nil)>

I have updated the forum table within my database to set the list
address to the address of the from: field in the header. From looking
around I see that


is being called to determine the forum, but what field in the mail
header is it looking for? The to? My main issue is that the mbox that I
am trying to read from lacks a to address, and when I manually put one
into the mail file, process_mails errors out more.
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