Forum: Attachments in revision 891 (i believe)

38007b98b4915b915e1be2480c886f2f?d=identicon&s=25 Stian H (Guest)
on 2006-07-13 16:38
A little uncertain about the revision nr, however it was grabbed earlier
today. I haven't tried using a version with attachments before, so
having a little trouble here. At first upload the attachment wasn't
saved on the server, so I chmod'ed the  attachments directory to 0777,
and on the second attempt the structure and files are available to view
on the server, however not through RForum

When trying to view the attachment RForum displays a "File not found"
message, like the one displayed here _>

Meanwhile the file is in the ~rforum/attachment/2/mopologo.jpg

Any assistance appreciated :)
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