Forum: GNU Radio how to wait in python

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Vincenzo Pellegrini (Guest)
on 2006-06-13 18:32
(Received via mailing list)

I was trying to insert something like pauses between the execution of
python commands.

the purpose is to give the usrp enough time to change the center
frequency of the frontend and provide some sampless to process, before
we move on to next frequency we want to reach.
the idea is to implement an automatic, fine grained frequency slider.

so I tried the time.sleep(seconds) from the module time.

this is ok as it doesn't hurt the audio demodulation branch of my flow-

but, unfortunately, it pauses (I don't know why) the refreshing of both
scopesink and fftsink, which I'm using in my application.

any suggestions?


mjam01 (Guest)
on 2006-06-14 11:32
(Received via mailing list)

how about using a thread to launch the frequency changes and then use
time.sleep(1) within the thread.

This won't pause the rest of the application.

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