Forum: Ruby How do I run multiple Ramaze apps on the same server?

Bcdd9f5447f1a3f18cefdb8c3f6b4dab?d=identicon&s=25 Desbest Desbest (desbest)
on 2017-04-17 13:32
Is there a ruby server I can run on my Windows laptop where I put files
and folders into a [web] directory and it just runs in my web browser
automatically? I use the Ramaze framework , and I'm
not happy with entering ramaze start on the command line to run a server
for each Ramaze app I make. What if I want multiple Ramaze apps on the
same server?

I'd prefer to have a ruby server where I can have multiple Ramaze apps
running on the same server, in the same way how in wampserver/xampp I
can run phpbb forum and wordpress on the same server, not each
script/app be its own server.
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