Forum: Ruby Edit msg files with ruby

F821ef13e9d7fcbb6b746aa70b37cca0?d=identicon&s=25 Daniel Ritter (spellsleeper)
on 2017-04-03 15:45
Hi, I try to customize many msg files. I wan't convert them with an
application. but there's the problem many of the mails have a
unconvential message class the application can't handle. I wan't set the
default message class for all msg files. With 'ruby-msg' I can read all
properties like that:
require 'mapi/msg''C:\Users\***.MSG')
h.each_key do |k|
  puts "#{k.to_s}:\t#{h[k].to_s}"
That works! But I found no way to write to change mail properties like
require 'mapi/msg''C:\Users\***.MSG')'message_class','IPM.Note')'C:\Users\**.MSG','w')
That doesn't work. Is somebody knowing a way to accomplish this? All
possible solutions are welcome:)!
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