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Aida D. (Guest)
on 2017-02-12 11:18
Hi :)

I'm new to Rails. I'm trying to make an app where students can login in
and signup for the exam. I have a problem filtering data, where a
student can only see exams which belong to her/his year and department.

Subject has the following columns:
    t.string  "name"
    t.integer "ects"
    t.integer "year"
    t.integer "professor_id" (foreign key which relates it to

Its relationship with exam:
has_one :exam

Exam has the following columns:    "start_date"
    t.string  "department"
    t.integer "professor_id"
    t.integer "subject_id"

Its relationship with exam:
 belongs_to :subject

User has attributes year (year of study) and department. The problem is
that exam only has depatment, but it doesn't have year.

I have made this in exam.rb

scope :department, -> (department) { where('department == ?',
department) }
scope :year, -> (year) { where('subject.year == ?', year) }

Then I called these methods in exams controller (index action) and
passed the data:

 @exams = Exam.department(current_user.department) &&

There is a problem with a scope year, it doesn't recognize subject. When
I try to access the list of exams it says this:
SQLite3::SQLException: no such column: subject.year: SELECT "exams".*
FROM "exams" WHERE (subject.year == 2)

But when I include subject_id:  scope :year, -> (year) {
where('Subject.find(:subject_id).year == ?', year) }
It says there is a syntax error: SQLite3::SQLException: near "(": syntax
error: SELECT "exams".* FROM "exams" WHERE
(Subject.find(:subject_id).year == 2).

I have tried accessing subject attributes by using delegate and
to_params, but it didn't help. I've been googling this issue for more
than 10 days, but I haven't been able to find a solution.

I appreciate any kind of help. Thanks in advance :)
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