Forum: Ruby on Rails Need advice for Active Record Model Sequence

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131ccb0652d8faf411718e88a56b6943?d=identicon&s=25 David W. (darkruby2055)
on 2016-12-27 23:29
Greetings my fellow Ruby Devs,

What I need help with is figuring out how to layout structuring for a
model that I'm working on.

User has_many clients. clients belong_to user. Client has many documents
-> This is the part that I'm trying to resolve. I will need to template
at least 40 different forms to give the user access to all of the
different ways they can fill out their documentation for clients. In
situation, how would you go about dealing with a large volume of forms,
and how would you setup the model for the Client's Documents?
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