Forum: Ruby on Rails New gem for generating model and controller Rspec tests using Shoulda Matchers

0a09c223d62cec71dcc5997c6160c863?d=identicon&s=25 Tim Edwards (eggroll)
on 2016-12-13 20:45
I have prototyped a new gem called Shoulda Matchmakers that facilitates
the generation of Rspec tests for your existing ActiveRecord models and
ActionController controllers using Shoulda Matchers. It is not turn-key,
but rather intended to automate the more mundane, repetitive tasks
involved in setting up your Rspec tests.

Since it is a prototype, I would truly appreciate any feedback that you
are willing to provide. There should be no risk as Shoulda Matchmakers
does not alter your application's code or functionality. It runs
external to your application. Also, by default, the tests generated are
saved to a separate subdirectory within 'spec' so as not to overwrite
of your existing tests.

You can find it here:

This is my first gem which means there may be newbie issues, but I'm
more than eager to learn from them. So, any and all constructive
criticism welcome.

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