Forum: Ruby on Rails Weird output from Rails 5 using pragmatic Agile book

3723282065b5d55f0078c429ff7c3be3?d=identicon&s=25 John Beckwith (supraguy)
on 2016-11-22 16:38
Attachment: Depot.html (4 KB)
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I just spent half an hour running through the first section of the Agile
book for Rails 5, having not used Rails since version 2 a great deal has
changed. Anyway, I get to page 83 and they have a "and your screen
should look like this" moment.

Well, strangely my screen did not; it also featured a presentation of
the products array that was loaded up to present the product selection
between the H1 heading Products and the table (that looked precisely
like it should).

When I look at the source behind the browser it seems that the array is
featured just prior to the </table> closure where the table ends...

This doesn't make any sense to me?? anyone have any bright suggestions?

I attach the html output from Firefox, the rtb files and the scss file.

Thanks in advance of your assistance to understand what rails is doing

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