Forum: Ruby on Rails Carrierwave + RMagick with animated gif upload is too slow

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453c561ebc1846a2da9ef3477558d60c?d=identicon&s=25 Jame Paul A. (jp_almerino)
on 2016-10-24 09:47

I have an app with carrierwave + RMagick setup and i'm generating 3
versions for each images. I don't have a problem with non-animated gifs
file but when i'm uploading animated gif file, the upload seems to be so
slow in my localhost and hangs in production.

Here's the code for the version processing:

  version :scaled_512 do
    process :resize_to_fit => [512, 512]

  version :thumb_425, from_version: :scaled_512 do
    process :resize_to_fill => [425, 212]

  version :thumb_256, from_version: :scaled_512 do
    process :resize_to_fill => [256, 256]
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