Forum: GNU Radio Creating blocks in C/C++ and debugging created flowgraphs GNU Radio

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Be781d23d00ca706e26f9e9a4d6ce6ae?d=identicon&s=25 Marcin P. (marcinsztajn)
on 2016-07-21 20:06
I am a begginer with python and GNU Radio. Sometimes I do not know how
my system is working (or not) and I am wondering whether there is any
chance to debug my system created in GNU Radio for example like in
Eclipse where I can see step by step how my variables are changing and
functions work.
I want to addmit that I have a knowledge about programing in C, but I am
not familiar with python, yet. I also want to ask is there any chance to
create own block using only C language, in my projects I want to use
Liquid-Dsp libraries.
Thanks for help
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