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Maxim D. (Guest)
on 2016-07-05 20:23
(Received via mailing list)
Changes with nginx 1.11.2                                        05 Jul

    *) Change: now nginx always uses internal MD5 and SHA1
       the --with-md5 and --with-sha1 configure options were canceled.

    *) Feature: variables support in the stream module.

    *) Feature: the ngx_stream_map_module.

    *) Feature: the ngx_stream_return_module.

    *) Feature: a port can be specified in the "proxy_bind",
       "memcached_bind", "scgi_bind", and "uwsgi_bind" directives.

    *) Feature: now nginx uses the IP_BIND_ADDRESS_NO_PORT socket option
       when available.

    *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process when
       using HTTP/2 and the "proxy_request_buffering" directive.

    *) Bugfix: the "Content-Length" request header line was always added
       requests passed to backends, including requests without body,
       using HTTP/2.

    *) Bugfix: "http request count is zero" alerts might appear in logs
       using HTTP/2.

    *) Bugfix: unnecessary buffering might occur when using the
       directive; the issue had appeared in 1.9.4.

Maxim D.
Kevin W. (Guest)
on 2016-07-06 15:04
(Received via mailing list)
Hello Nginx users,

Now available: Nginx 1.11.2 for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions)

These versions are to support legacy users who are already using Cygwin
based builds of Nginx. Officially supported native Windows binaries are

Announcements are also available here:

Thank you,
Kevin W.
kworthington *@* (gmail]  [dot} {com)
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