Forum: GNU Radio BPSK Signal in GNURadio

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on 2016-05-24 04:34
Attachment: BPSK.png (200 KB)
Attachment: DPSK_Output.png (200 KB)
Attachment: BPSK_Signal.png (300 KB)

I try to make a BPSK Signal from GNURadio and face some problem.
1. Look at the DPSK_Output picture that I've attached, why there are
harmonic frequency in the DPSK block output signal that make the DPSK
block output signal not really square? And Any idea to make the signal
become square? I've try to use filter block, but it didn't work

2. At the BPSK Signal pict. Why the BPSK signal that I made is not as
same as the theory about BPSK Signal which the phase changed if the bit

3. What should I do to make the BPSK Signal Output looks better? at
least the signal looks like sinus wave

Thank you so much


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