Forum: GNU Radio top_block start not returning

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6a15d0108a299314e059fa2437013f88?d=identicon&s=25 Daniel A. (dkartis1)
on 2016-02-01 07:01

I have a simple connection with a null source and sink, but when I try
to start the top_block, the start function doesn't return. I'm simply
using the GrTemplate project for Android. I don't see the "Exiting
FgStart function message," any idea why?

gr::top_block_sptr tb = gr::make_top_block("fg");
gr::blocks::null_source::sptr src =
gr::blocks::throttle::sptr thr =
gr::blocks::throttle::make(sizeof(gr_complex), 10000);
gr::blocks::null_sink::sptr snk =

tb->connect(src, 0, thr, 0);
tb->connect(thr, 0, snk, 0);

GR_INFO("fg", "FgStart Called");
GR_INFO("fg", "Exiting FgStart function");
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