Forum: JRuby Is there a nicer way to call Ruby method from Java?

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Ronald F. (Guest)
on 2016-01-13 15:58
I have in my Java class a variable of type IRubyObject, which actually
points to a RubyObject:

    // Java
    RubyObject ro = get_it_from_somewhere();
    IRubyObject iro = ro;

The RubyObject holds an object of some Ruby class, and this class in
turn has a method expecting one parameter (which is supposed to be a

    # Ruby
    def myfunc(msg)

I want to invoke this method from Java, and I'm not interested in the
return value. This is my code:

      // Java
      Ruby runtime = iro.getRuntime();
      ThreadContext currentContext = runtime.getCurrentContext();
      iro.callMethod(currentContext, "myfunc",
JavaEmbedUtils.javaToRuby(runtime, "string passed to myfunc"));

My question: Is it possible to code this a bit simpler?
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