Forum: GNU Radio Signal Decoding Problems

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D65e8c4399911770c98b631ed73c44a4?d=identicon&s=25 Jeremy B. (jeremy_br)
on 2016-01-06 12:25
Attachment: complex_signal (40 KB)
Attachment: magnitude (40 KB)
Attachment: bit (30 KB)
Attachment: mm_clock_recovery (40 KB)
I'm trying to decode a Enocean signal, but can't link the received data
to the corresponding byte sequence, which was decoded by an Enocean
Following the Enocean specifications the signal (attached) is
ASK-modulated with 125 kbit/s data rate. The Enocean protocol refers to
ISO Standard 14543-3-10:2012, but as a student I can't afford 130€ for
the document.

After computing the magnitude of the signal (attached) and mapping to 0
or 1 (attached), the MM clock recovery produces the attached bit

I verified the MM generated bit sequence by reading the bits manually
out of the magnitude view. The sequence and signal edges are also
fitting in the 125 kbit/s frequency. Because the timing is covering the
signal edges instead of the high & lows, it can't be Manchester encoded
(or am I wrong?).

This bit sequence is produced by my flow graph:

While the official Enocean reciever is producing this output:


Does someone has a clue, how the signal is modulated to produce these

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