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Dannielle S. (Guest)
on 2015-11-30 12:15
Hi everyone,

I’m a (relatively) new self-taught programmer.  I’ve been working at a
non-tech startup for the past several years and developed a passion for
programming through my interactions with others in the startup

I am fairly proficient with Ruby, know the basics of JavaScript, HTML,
CSS and Rails.  I’ve also enrolled at Tealeaf Academy/Launch School and
am working my way through their courses now.

I learn quickly and work hard.  In college, I skipped a two years of
school and graduated with my BA and MBA at 21.  Since that time, I’ve
built a nonprofit from the ground up and have taken it through the first
round of funding.  I’d love to be considered for a jr. dev position or
really any position that would allow me to get my feet wet and learn.
If you're interested or know of someone who might be I'd be very
appreciative if you reached out.

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