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Sai C. (Guest)
on 2015-11-25 13:43
Hi All,

I am generate base64 link with some params, that link send to user
email, it's worked fine.

When I need to verify user email, user must and should click on email
from that link I have take token which is generated by me.

in mailer:

% @link = url_for controller: 'api/v1/hum_os',
             action: 'validate_verification_link',
             protocol: 'https',
             host: '',
             query: @query %>

in controller:

def create_link
 unique_token = generate_token
  session[:token]  = unique_token

def verify_link
        query_data = decode_base64_string(query)
        @parsed_query_data = JSON.parse(query_data)
if  @parsed_query_data["token"] == session[:token]

# here session[:token] nil for other browsers and other systems except
my system


if link open in other system or other browser:

image:  Screen_Shot_2015-11-25_at_5.08.15_PM.png

if link open in my chrome browser:

image: Screen_Shot_2015-11-25_at_5.08.33_PM.png
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